Document representing the “style” that distinguishes ITALIANA SERVIZI S.p.A.

The values and relational methods that enable the promotion of actions and organisational processes are supported by elements based on an ongoing dialogue with all those who interact within it. In other words, we wish to present the organisation’s reference ethics here.



Since the company’s inception, enormous value has been given to the role of employees, using every possible tool to enhance their active involvement. ITALIANA SERVIZI S.p.A. has always operated with the aim of offering stable employment opportunities to its employees, who over the years have created clear career paths within the company. ITALIANA SERVIZI S.p.A. has the primary objective of recognising employees’ professional needs and fundamental participation, as they are our vital resource in ensuring quality services.


An essential quality in service companies and in all administrative and organisational aspects. Through listening, communication develops along with the ability to share information and collaborate.


With programmed meetings, update courses and the enhancement of individual potential, ITALIANA SERVIZI S.p.A. intends to promote the integration of employees and contractors and their involvement in the organisation’s life as much as possible. Newly hired personnel are provided with constant support from other employees in order to understand how and by what means the work is done.


ITALIANA SERVIZI S.p.A. pays a lot of attention to issues regarding respect for the environment. It aims to raise awareness externally and internally in relation to environmental issues and conservation, pondering its strategies and actions with respect to the impact that the same may have.


General Management