Italiana Servizi is a joint-stock company and has got a traditional corporate governance system, as set out by the Italian Civil Code for non-listed companies, consisting of:

Shareholders’ meeting
The competent company body that deliberates on matters reserved to it by law or by statute.

In order to ensure more streamlined company operations, the Board of Directors has appointed a Chairman, who has been delegated the necessary powers for carrying out business operations.

Board of Directors
With three directors, the Board is exclusively responsible for the company’s management in order to achieve business objectives. It is invested with full ordinary and extraordinary powers, except for those reserved by Law or Statute to the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Board of Auditors
Consisting of three auditors and two alternates, all registered in the Board of Auditors, it is the body for company control entrusted with the task of monitoring

  • compliance with the Law and Statute
  • adherence to principles of proper management
  • the suitability of company organisation, administration and accounting and its correct functioning.

The same body has also been entrusted with the company audit.

Management and coordination
Italiana Servizi S.p.a. is not subject to management and coordination by other companies.